Plain and simple, cleaning your home is a lengthy task. Regardless of what size house you live in, you likely have to spend a lot of time and energy making sure the space is clean and organized. With so many other obligations in your life, it’s likely that you struggle to make the necessary time to cross everything off your honey-do list on a weekly basis. If you are tired of stressing out about how you are going to get your home clean on top of everything else, you may be considering hiring a professional cleaning company to do your dirty work(literally).

On the other hand, some people have reservations about allowing strangers in their home to clean it. This is why it is imperative that you hire a maid service that you can trust wholeheartedly. Below are some tips that will allow for you to do just that. Continue reading to learn more.

Interview Multiple Companies

Trying to find a cleaning company you can trust is a lot like dating. You didn’t marry the very first person you ever went on a date with, did you? While there are some people who may be able to say “yes” to that question, that is not the typical experience. When you are searching for the perfect cleaning company (or the perfect mate) you need to test your options. This is why we would suggest that you interview multiple service providers before you become committed to the idea of a specific one.

Make Sure The Agency Is Licensed & Insured

One of the first questions you should ask of a potential cleaning service is whether or not they are licensed and insured. In other words, if they break something while they are cleaning your home, will they replace it? If someone on their staff is hurt in your home, who is going to pay the medical bills?

Determine What You Are Looking For

There are many different options available to you when you are hiring a maid service. For example, how often would you like for your home to be cleaned? Weekly? Bi-Weekly? Monthly? Additionally, what is the scope of the work that each individual company is willing to do? If there are things that need dusting on high shelves, will they climb a stepladder to reach them? Are they going to vacuum your furniture and your lampshades along with the floors? Will your baseboards be cleaned? Knowing ahead of time every task that you need completed will make it far easier for you to identify which company is going to provide you with what you need.

Look For Hidden Fees

Before you agree to hire any cleaning service, you need to ensure that there are no fees that you have not been made aware of. While we, at Wifesavers, are very forthright about our prices, you may not get that same level of transparency with other companies.

Inform The Agency Of Pets You Own

It is important that you inform any company you are interviewing of any pets that you may have in your home. Not only will this allow for them to get a better understanding of how in-depth cleaning your home will be, but it may also determine who is able to come to your home and clean.

Learn More About Supplies

If you have a special brand of cleaning products that you prefer to have used in your home, this may be fine by some companies. Alternatively, there are other companies that swear by the products they use. Knowing what sorts of options you have whether it be that you have to provide the cleaning products or that the company’s must be used, will help you to dwindle down your list of candidates.

Know How Many People Will Be In Your Home

Consider your schedule and your own personal comfort level. Do you want one person in your home cleaning for multiple hours at a time, or would you rather have a group of people getting the job done quickly? Every cleaning company has a different way of doing things, so determining logistics like how many people will be in your house and for how long will likely make your decision much easier.

Ask Around

If you are looking for a cleaning service in Macon and you are not quite sure where to even start, we would suggest that you start with asking around. People are not often shy to share when they have had a fantastic experience with a company. Even more so, your friends and family surely will let you know if a certain maid service they have hired in the past did not hold up their end of the bargain.

We guarantee that anyone who has worked with Wifesavers will tell you of a cleaning service that went above and beyond for them. Our professional team cares about you, your home and your belongings. We know you will be impressed when you step into your house and find that it is spotless and you didn’t even have to lift a finger. Contact us today to learn more about the cleaning services we offer.

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