Being licensed and insured is a no-brainer in the commercial and residential cleaning industry. As is providing comprehensive cleaning services, touching on everything between the floors and ceilings. Even ongoing training and education of staff should be automatically expected of any cleaning company. With years of experience, Wifesavers offers both residential and commercial clients all of the above. But it is here where we separate ourselves from our competition.

Specializing in both janitorial and housekeeping services, we set a standard for “clean” that would surprise even the most-recognized companies in the country. We’ve never settled for industry standards, keeping our competition always searching for an answer to how to beat what we already do. Which is fine with us. We’re in competition only with ourselves, striving to find our own areas of improvement in order to offer our customers the highest level of satisfaction available. From carpet cleaning to power washing; from tile and grout to draperies and upholstery needs, every aspect of our janitorial services is designed to ensure that your environment is pristinely beautiful, with a sheen that ensures a sanitary look and feel.

As the area’s premier residential and commercial cleaning company, we deliver peace of mind alongside spotless interiors. Never subcontracting our client projects to other companies, we use only our own highly trained staff members, who are all successful graduates of the Maid Training Academy. Discover the difference by contacting the Wifesavers team now.